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Survey Form

All personal information and /or identifying information received via the client opinion survey questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential and securely stored.

If you wish to discuss the questionnaire or any other issues, do not hesitate to contact us toll-free on 0800 866 877 or at .

Did the LifeLinks’ staff member explain their role so you were clear about what they could do for you?

Were we clear in all our communications with you?

Did you feel your point of view was listened to by LifeLinks’ staff?

Has the service you received from LifeLinks met your expectations?

Is there any way that LifeLinks can improve our service?

Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you received from LifeLinks?

‘As a result of receiving the LifeLinks’ service I deal more effectively with daily life.’

Reflecting on this statement, please choose the option that best reflects your experience.

If you are completing this client opinion survey questionnaire on behalf of our company’s client/tangata whaiora, could you please identify your relationship to the client/tangata whaiora.

Optional: You do not have to include your name on this questionnaire. However, if you would be willing for our LifeLinks’ Community Liaison staff member to contact you to discuss in more detail the points you have made, it would be helpful if you included your name and contact number.