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Established in 1995, LifeLinks is contracted by the Whaikaha-Ministry of Disabled People to facilitate Disability Support Services for people aged between 0-65 years who have an intellectual, physical, sensory or neurological disability (or a combination of these) and their families/ whānau/aiga/care givers.  Our services are provided to service users/tangata whaiora and their families/whānau who reside in Canterbury, South Canterbury and the West Coast.

Within our management structure we have people with both physical and sensory disabilities. Also over the years we have been fortunate to employ people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities within our Lifelinks team.

Each year LifeLinks partners with over 7,000 disabled people and their whānau to develop outcomes-focused personalised plans and facilitate their access to a tailored range of natural, universal and Whaikaha-Ministry of Disabled People-funded supports that contribute to their achievement of the outcomes they seek for their lives.  There is no cost to you for receiving LifeLinks outcome planning and outcome facilitation services.

Our services are designed to enhance service users’ participation and inclusion within their communities and to maintain the wellbeing and resilience of their respective families/ whānau/aiga/care givers.


To promote independence in an accessible world.


Provide people who have disabilities with the highest standard of service in ways that best suit their individual aspirations and outcomes.


  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Positive influence

Our Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi)

LifeLinks recognises and respects the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi: partnership, participation and protection.

Māori aspirations and Whānau Ora are a critical focus for our work.  This ensures that whānau hold a central focus in all our work; that our actions build on the strengths and assets of whānau; and, that our work contributes to maximising the well-being of whānau.

  • Partnership:  we are committed to using a tikanga Māori framework of processes, protocols and practices (pōwhiri , karakia, mihi) to engage and partner with Māori.
  • Participation: we are committed to making respectful connections based on whanaungatanga to ensure tāngata  whaiora and their whānau are at the centre of decisions about outcome planning, outcome facilitation, brokerage and monitoring support services; and, that outcomes from the Outcome Planning and Outcome facilitation services are shaped and directed by whānau and are mana-enhancing.
  • Protection:  we are committed to a culturally integrated approach in our delivery of Outcome Planning and Outcome Facilitation services and the utilisation of Kaupapa Māori frameworks and Tikanga Māori.  We will work with Māori to ensure the protection of Māori values, concepts and practices.

Child Protection Policy

LifeLinks is committed to the prevention and early detection of abuse and/or neglect of children/tamariki and young people/rangatahi.  In all interactions with children, young people and their families/whānau LifeLinks is guided by the principle that the welfare and interests of the Tamariki and Rangatahi are the first and paramount consideration.  LifeLinks staff will ensure that early and appropriate action is taken when abuse and/or neglect is suspected.

Read LifeLinks Child Protection Policy