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Once your eligibility to receive Whaikaha-Ministry of Disabled People funded support services has been confirmed, one of our dedicated outcome planners will contact you to arrange a suitable time, date and place for a meeting to develop your Outcome Plan. You are welcome to invite other people to this meeting if you wish, including members of your family/whānau , people who are currently providing services for you, and any others who are important members of your network of ‘natural’ support. 

If English is your second language or you are deaf we will arrange a professional interpreter to also be present at the meeting.

If you wish to have cultural support at the meeting we can arrange this for you.

Our service is a client/tangata whaiora and family/whānau centred and directed process. It proceeds at your pace; within your timeframe; and in the place of your choice.

At the outcome planning meeting, you will describe what you want in your life and the strengths and barriers within your current home and community that either help or hinder your achievement of those goals.  Based on these discussions an Outcome Plan will be prepared that includes a list of prioritised outcomes that you have identified.

View our person-centered outcome plan template